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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Take Insurance?

We are in Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plans. (Not Blue Choice plans) We accept

all other insurances as an Out of Network Provider. These plans are called Time Of Service
Plans (TOS Plans). We collect payment at time of service and as a courtesy, we will submit the
claim on your behalf. Charges can then be applied towards your out of network benefits and any reimbursement will be sent directly to you from your insurer.  We do accept HSA (health savings accounts) and FSA (flex spending accounts) as a form of payment for services rendered. 

What can I expect for my first visit?

Upon booking a session with one of our practitioners, you will receive an e-mail to complete secure online intake forms.  (These can get lost in Junk or Spam, so please be sure to check there.)  We advise that you are as thorough as possible with your intake information so that we can well informed and serve you to the best of our ability.  The initial consultation ranges from 50-90 minutes and includes a full history, examination, treatment, and a custom plan of care to align with your goals in performing better. 

What should I wear?

It is recommended to wear or bring athletic or sports specific attire. For pure massage based
techniques, clothing is not required and sheets can be used for draping. However, if you are
looking to get more focused work on the hips/legs, including mobilizing techniques, it would be

beneficial to have a pair of shorts with you.

I know that you work with athletes. I am not an athlete, can I still see you as a client?

While we primarily work with athletes in order to optimize their performance on the course, court, track, ice or pitch, we also serve “corporate athletes, executives and the general population and will treat you the same quality of care as we do with professional athletes.  We firmly believe that being an athlete is much more holistic and does not just mean that you compete in sport.  An athlete is someone that wants to improve their life, circumstance, mindset, nutrition, physical performance.  Anyone that wants to participate in their care and wants to do the extra work to function optimally we are happy to serve!  

What is the best method of transportation?

1747 N Elston: If you plan to arrive by car, There is street parking on Elston and also on Willow.  There is also free parking in the building.  Pull down Willow and on the SW side of the building are garage doors that you can pull up to and they will open automatically.  On the SE side of the building is a parking ramp that may also be parked in.  Many of our clients also commute via bike/train/run.  Feel free to bring your bike in and store it in the lobby/cafe area.

Southwest Suburbs: Pull down the drive and park anywhere next to the detached garage gym.  Wait in your vehicle and Dr. Ryan will come out and grab you when it is time for your visit.

Any other questions can be answered by e-mailing OR by call/text to 312.810.0886.


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